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Currently not airing on local stations. Last aired in late 2004.

2003-2004 season, updated 6/12/04

Location Channel Time
Little Rock, AR KLRT-FOX16/KASN-UPN38 KLRT: Monday Mornings 12-1 AM KASN: various
Louisville, KY WBKI-WB34/28 Sundays 11:30 AM
Indianapolis, IN WTTV/WTTK-WB4 Mon-Fri 7:00 AM (both channels)
Milwaukee, WI WVTV-WB18 Mon-Fri 12:30pm

Raleigh, NC

WRAZ-FOX50 Tues-Fri 3:00 AM
South Bend, IN WBND-ABC57/WAAT-IND69 WBND: Sundays 5:30PM  WAAT: 3-4PM
Dallas, TX KDFW-FOX4 Saturdays 2-3 PM
Houston, TX KTXH-UPN20 Tues-Sat 4:00AM
Houston, TX KHWB-WB39 Tues-Sat 4:30 AM
Chicago, IL WFBT-IND23 Mon-Fri 3PM
Chicago, IL WCIU-IND26 Saturdays 12-1 PM
Fresno, CA KFRE-WB59 Mon-Fri 5:30 PM
Evansville, IL WTVW-FOX7 Sat-Sun 5:00AM
San Jose, CA KICU-IND36 Mon-Fri 3:30 PM
Wausau, WI WAOW-ABC9 Mon-Fri 11:00 AM
Eagle River, WI WYOW-ABC34 Mon-Fri 11:00 AM
Salt Lake City, UT KPNZ-UPN24 Mon-Fri 9:30AM
Knoxville, TN WBIR-NBC10 Sundays 1:30 PM

WKEF: Sundays 11:30 PM    

WRGT: Sundays 4:30 PM

New York City, NY WPIX-WB11 Tues-Sat 2:00 AM
Syracuse, NY WIXT-ABC9 Saturdays 2:35AM & 7PM
Portland, OR KWBP-WB32 Sundays 10AM
Philadelphia, PA WPHL-WB17 Tues-Sat 1:30AM; Saturdays 12 & 12:30PM
Harrisburg, PA WLYH-UPN15 Weekdays 4:30PM
Tallahassee, FL WTWC-NBC Saturdays 11:00PM
East Providence, RI WPRI-FOX12 Sunday afternoons
Oakland, CA KTVU-FOX2 Sundays 9:30AM
Reno, NV KOLO-ABC8 Saturdays various times

2001 List

Location Channel Time
Opelika, AL WSWS - 66 - UPN Sat 8-9am
Fresno, CA KFRE - 59 - WB Sun-Fri 9am
San Francisco, CA KBHK - 44 - UPN Mon-Fri 12pm, Sat 4pm
Denver, CO KDVR - 31 - FOX Sat 6:30am, 1pm, Sun 8am

Hartford, CT

WTXX - 20 - UPN Sat 3:30pm
West Palm Beach, FL WTVX - 34 - UPN Mon-Fri 5am
Honolulu, HI KFVE - 5 - UPN/WB Mon-Fri 11am, Sun 11pm
Davenport, IA KLJB - 18 - FOX Tue-Sat 1:05am
Chicago, IL WFLD - 4 - FOX Tue-Sat 3:30am, Sun 3-4am
Baton Rouge, LA WAFB - 9 - CBS Sun 4:05am
Kalamazoo, MI WWMT - 3 - CBS Tue-Sat 2:37am
Raleigh, NC WLFL - 22 - WB Mon-Fri 8:30am
Bismarck, ND KNDX - 26 - FOX Mon-Fri 7-8am, 5pm
Albany, NY WEWB - 45 - WB Sat 2-3pm, Sun 1-2pm
Buffalo, NY WNLO - 23 - Ind. Mon-Fri 10am
Portland, OR KPTV - 12 - UPN Sat 7:30am, 9am
Pittsburgh, PA WCWB - 22 - WB Mon-Fri 12pm
Scranton, PA WOLF - 56 - FOX Mon-Fri 7:30am
Charleston, SC WTAT - 24 - FOX Mon-Fri 11pm
Greenville, SC WASV - 62 - UPN Mon-Fri 9:30am
San Antonio, TX KJEB - 2- UPN Mon-Fri 10:30pm
Salt Lake City, UT KJZZ - 14 - UPN Tue-Sat 3:30am
Seattle, WA KSTW - 11 - UPN Mon-Fri 3am, Sat 7:30am

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